Yoga has been growing in popularity for the last few decades but there are still a few things that hold people back from giving it a go. We love life and live yoga as it has so many benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. 

1. Yoga is only for people who are flexible and fit

Yoga is something that you do for yourself, to help your mental and physical fitness, you’re not comparing yourself to anyone else, you just have to concentrate on your own abilities and needs. Start slowly, with a beginners class or workshop and try to build up your abilities through regular practice. Whatever your aim, whether you’re hoping to get fitter through yoga or use it to practice mindfulness and find some mental space, you can work within your abilities. 

You don’t have to be super bendy right now, your regular practice will help you improve your flexibility. Neither do you need to be young to start practising yoga. Whatever age you are, you can work at your own pace. The practice of yoga needs you to combine, flexibility, balance and power and even if you need to work on one or two of these areas you can take the time to do so. Perfection isn’t necessary and you’re not comparing yourself to anyone else, you are on your own journey. 


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2. Yoga is just for women

Believe it or not, but Yoga was originally taught and practised by men only but its popularity in the western world was driven by women and the yoga studio has felt dominated by the girls. These days men can still feel a little apprehensive about taking part in a yoga class but they needn’t worry, these days a class will almost always have several men taking part.

Yoga can be really effective in building strength and muscle, it can be a complementary part of a workout regimen or a stand-alone way to gain a little focus. In the Flow 60 yoga class, we practice of flowing from one posture from another, concentrating on your breathing as you go. Unwind 60 is popular with beginners as it is gentle and focuses on the alignments in the asanas (poses), it is beneficial as it concentrates on the mental as well as the physical fundamentals of yoga. 

You can start with one style and move on to something more challenging as you progress in knowledge and fitness.

3. Yoga is a religion

Yoga isn’t related to any formal religion, it’s more of a philosophy of keeping your mind and body healthy by giving you some space to breathe. 

The practice of yoga is for everyone. Whether your lifestyle is green smoothies and long walks, or chaotic and full of kids, taking a moment to recharge and nurture yourself is good for everybody. Old, young, male, or female there is a place for you in a yoga class. You will enjoy connecting with other yogis and appreciate the positive energy of a group yoga class.

The spiritual aspect of yoga centres around the idea of the joining of body and spirit in fostering a wholesome relationship with yourself, your environment and others. 


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