6 Things You Should Know Before Your First Yoga Class

If you’re a newbie to yoga, chances are you have lots of questions about what you’re getting yourself into your first yoga class. What am I supposed to bring? What can I expect? What should I wear for Bundaberg yoga classes? The truth is, if you come unprepared, your first few sessions can be a little intimidating.

Nonetheless, here are 8 crucial tips you should keep in mind before you enter our top-rated Bundaberg yoga studio for your first yoga class. They’ll help you feel more comfy, confident, and ready for your first few yoga classes. 

#1. It Pays to Arrive Early

The last thing you want for your first yoga class is to arrive late. The rule of thumb is to get to our yoga studio at least 10 minutes before the mats get humming. For one, there might be some paperwork to get out of your way before starting your class. Even better, you’ll be able to get a one-on-one with the instructors, and perhaps have some of your questions answered personally. More importantly, arriving early gives you an opportunity to snag a prime location in the studio.

#2. It’s Never a Good Idea to Take Yoga Classes with a Full Stomach

Sure, yoga can be intensive, but doing it on a full stomach is a big no-no. It’ll hinder your practice, making it harder to twist, turn, and whatnot. If you must, munch on a banana no less than 20 min before the yoga class starts. Generally, you should wait at least 2 hours to do yoga after a meal.

#3. Do a Bit of Research before your First Yoga Class

You cannot budge into a yoga studio without knowing a little about the instructors and how things are done. Give a call to your instructor. Have a read through our yoga blog. Chat with a friend who has advanced in yoga classes. Whatever you do, learn something before your first class. There’s so much to learn about yoga!

#4. What to Bring?

Bring a water bottle. Remember yoga is a physically-demanding activity, which implies it’s crucial to stay hydrated. Don’t forget to shop for a high-quality yoga mat and props. The goods news is that our Bundaberg yoga studio has fabulous mats and props available at no additional charge.

#5. Bare Feet, Bare Feet

You probably know this, but it’s worth mentioning that no socks or shoes are permitted at our Bundaberg yoga studio. Practising with bare feet will give you a better grip on your mat and allow you to feel into the poses better.

#6. Yoga’s All about Breathing

If you thought yoga is all about poses and bending, think again. Breathing is a huge component — and with good reason. It helps calm your mind and decongest your thoughts. By synchronising your breath with your movement, you will find more balance throughout your body and your life. 


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