Some questions about yoga might seem a little too embarrassing to ask out loud. So here goes a list of the most embarrassing yoga questions that people rarely dare to ask in public (but we know you might be asking yourself). Let’s delve right into it!

Your Most Embarassing Yoga Questions Answered

1. Will I pass gas? (In other words, does yoga make you fart more?)

Ok, this one had to be first. Yoga involves a lot of bending, twisting and stretching and farts will more often than not happen because it is difficult to hold them in such positions. It happens and it’s totally natural. When you do fart in class, simply ignore it and don’t make a big deal of it. A good tip is to watch the foods you eat a couple of hours prior to class. Try to eat light and avoid gassy food, like beans etc.

2. What if I fall asleep in savasana? (Yep, it happens)

The savasana, which is the corpse position, is a resting pose and not time for a nap. When you are tired, you might end up falling asleep but as you continue practicing yoga, you’ll realise that napping is different from relaxation. Try to stay awake and increase your awareness  by being mindful of what’s going on in your body, how you feel and the thoughts that cross your mind.

3. What if I fall over?

Some yoga poses can be a little harder to perform, especially when you’re at the beginning of your yoga journey. When learning a new exercise, there’s always a chance of failing a few times before we get it right. But there’s really nothing to worry about. When it happens and you are not injured, laugh about it and simply pick up where you left off. No-one is going to judge you. As teachers, we always do our best to reduce the risk of injury and guide you through all the different poses and variations. It’s important that you listen to your body though and don’t overstretch or push yourself too hard.

4. What about going to the bathroom?

Don’t hold the call of nature till after class if you are unable to. If you can hold it then that’s fine as well. You’re allowed to go to the bathroom whenever you need. Just do it quietly, respecting your fellow yogis.

5. Is sweating too much normal?

Yoga is an exercise, so expect to sweat. When you sweat, don’t be embarrassed about it. It’s good for you and helps to flush out all the toxins in your body. The fact that you’re sweating is also a sign that you are working out properly and strengthening your body in the process. So, keep going! 


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6. I don’t know the chanting words. What should I do?

You are not obligated to chime in during class, neither do you need to remember the sanskrit names of all the different poses (unless, of course, you are planning on attending yoga teacher training). When you don’t know the words, just listen to the rest of the class and join in. Or leave it. It’s completely up to you and there’s absolutely no judgement. Once you start attending classes more often, you’ll get to know the different yoga poses, and before you know it, remember their names, too.

7. What if I am not flexible enough?

There is nothing to be embarrassed about if you can’t reach your toes (yet). Flexibility is something you gain over time. And that’s exactly the purpose of doing yoga. Not to show how flexible you are, but to gradually increase your flexibility. Plus all the other benefits that come with practicing yoga regularly.

8. What about my stinky feet?

Are you afraid of removing your socks during a yoga class because they’re a little smelly sometimes? Nobody likes having smelly feet in front of them when practicing yoga, so we’re glad you thought about it. It’s always better to practice yoga barefoot, as socks might make you slip on your mat. But you can simply wash your feet before you step into the studio or arrive a little early and quickly do it there before the class begins.  Easy.

9. What about stinky armpits?

Sweating is completely natural and can be a little smelly sometimes. Yoga is no different. And even though we like to embrace our natural being, your fellow yogis will probably appreciate you having a quick shower before class and maybe using deodorant if you know you’re going to sweat a lot.

10. Why does the teacher have to adjust my yoga pose?

As teachers, it’s our job to ensure you do the poses properly, so you can reap the full benefits, but also to avoid unnecessary injury. So, pose adjustments during class are very common. When they happen keep breathing and continue to keep your focus on the pose. If you prefer not to be touched during class, that’s totally fine, too. Just kindly let your teacher know before class. No judgement here.

11. Do I have to breathe loudly if my neighbor is?

Your focus should not be on the volume of your breathing but on the actual act of breathing in and out. Don’t worry too much about what others are doing. Try to turn inward and focus on your own practice. This time is all about letting go and focusing on getting your breath, mind and body in sync.

Got more embarrassing yoga questions that aren’t on the list?

Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to add them!

We hope this answered some of your embarrassing yoga questions and helps you feel a little more comfortable about coming to class. If you’re new to yoga, don’t forget to claim your FREE $25 Yoga Gift Card to use for any of our yoga classes, workshop or retreats.

See you on the mat!



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